NH Village Architects participated in the Challenge for Locality Japan -Vietnam Architecture Colloquium

Webinar Information: On October 9, 2021 (this Saturday) Kts Tran Dai Nghia will participate in the Architecture seminar: "Challenge for Locality Japan -Vietnam Architecture Colloquium", Co-organized by the Association of Architects Japan and the Association for the Preservation of Japanese Architectural Culture.

The introduction and introduction to contemporary Vietnamese architectural trends will be co-executed by Kts Tran Dai Nghia and Kts Takashi Niwa, followed by two keynote speakers of the Vietnamese side, Kts Hoang Thuc Hao (Office of 1+1>2), Architect Dam Vu of O Architecture Vp. After that, there will be an open discussion with Japanese architects. The seminar will be held in Vietnamese and Japanese languages ​​(with interpreter).